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The House that Built Me

I thought if I could touch this place or feel it This brokenness inside me might start healing Out there it’s like I’m someone else I thought that maybe I could find myself If I could just come in I … Continue reading

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My Latest Pursuit of Health

Last Monday I gave up caffeine, sugar and other ‘white’ carbs indefinitely and limiting my carb intake overall.  I’ve learned a lot in the first week that I thought I’d share. I should start by explaining why I started this … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pete Wilson’s “Plan B: What to Do When God doesn’t Show Up the Way you Thought He Would”

I should begin by saying Plan B wasn’t exactly what I thought it’d be. Honestly, even though I’d followed Pete on twitter for quite awhile and know many who go to his church, I fully expected to find a book … Continue reading

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Lack of reports to the contrary,there was a flood. News at 11 – oh, wait…

Does a tragedy happen if there are no national media video cameras, producers, on camera personalities there to capture it and package it for their television viewers?    Yes, it does.  And this doesn’t begin to tell the story.   Shame … Continue reading

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The aftermath of losing a job

A couple of years I ago I had pleasure of losing a job with a company I’d worked with for a dozen years give or take. It was an awful, awkward, humiliating, freeing, challenging, and a growing season.  It’s not … Continue reading

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To adopt or not to adopt: that is the question.

If you’ve read my about me page or my Loving the Life I Never Wanted post, you know it’s no secret that Plan A for my life included having a family of my own as the foundation for everything else.  … Continue reading

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New Seasons inevitably bring new starts

When the temperature warms and the spring flowers start blooming, it’s seems as if the whole earth is screaming it’s time for a do-over. It doesn’t seem to matter how gray and ugly things get by the end of winter, … Continue reading

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