About Anne Mabry

I am just a small town Mississippi Girl living in Tennessee trying to figure out what comes next.  I have to be honest and tell you that very little about my life today is what I dreamed about when I was 21 but then again back then I assumed I’d marry either Rob Lowe or Tom Cruise and spend my time either spending their money or giving it away while we aimlessly jetsetted around the globe.

Seriously, if you’d asked me as I departed college what my life would be like by 41, I would’ve assumed several teen aged children and a husband approaching middle age and 20 years of raising a family and building a life together behind us.    I would’ve been hard pressed to imagine anything else.   Beyond wife and mother, it was all pretty much blank.

So here I am today; living the life I never wanted.  While it’s true that I’m nobody’s wife and nobody’s Mom,  it’s also true I have a great life filled with things I didn’t anticipate.  I didn’t ever conceive of being a ‘career woman’ and yet I have a career that I love.   I’ve been to great places and met amazing people.  I imagine I’ve laughed more and cried less than most.  So, whether it’s the life I wanted, it’s the life I’ve got. I’m learning to acknowledge the things I love, deal honestly with things I don’t and find contentment with the rest.

I am still learning that there is a God who loved me before I knew how to love myself and had an amazing plan for my life before I had the courage to dream for myself.  I sometimes feel guilty as if I should’ve been penalized somehow for being a late bloomer, a daydreamer and a slacker who didn’t ‘reach my potential’ and yet through God’s grace and mercy, things turned out alright.

This blog is just me thinking out loud as I struggle to live more like Jesus and become the woman I was created to be.   In other words it’ll be simultaneously silly and deep, challenging and ridiculous, random and redundant, opinionated and questioning but hopefully also honest, encouraging, thought provoking and ultimately God honoring.

Oh yeah . . . I am taking a new ‘path’ in my career journey.  I just started a new job with Word Music Publishing working with worship songwriters and connecting those songs to people in various ways but ultimately always for the glory of God.

If you are so inclined you can follow me on TWITTER:  AMabry.  But even more, I hope you are inclined to share with me stories from your journey.  I look forward to hearing them.


8 Responses to About Anne Mabry

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  2. Kaye Dacus says:

    Hi, Anne–

    I found your blog while doing research for a series I’m currently writing on my own blog about singleness and the 21st Century Christian community/church.

    I would love to have you answer a questionnaire I’m using to gather quotes from people from around the world on their experiences with being unmarried/single. If you are interested, my contact info can be found at the bottom of the ABOUT page on my website: http://kayedacus.com

  3. Barry McCleskey says:


    You are a fantastic writer and person. I don’t remember too much, but you always were a positive force back at GHS.
    Perhaps it is an honor from God to have an interesting life; to be tested.
    BTW, your writing, as above, and this site, are fantastic. Niiiice.


  4. Jennifer Signs says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the reasons I have remained interested in Facebook. Your writing, whether a blog or just a status comment, is so insightful and often funny and always thought provoking. I think you should be watching for the opportunities to explore the full potential of this talent that God is bound to send your way. I waited later than most of my friends to get married and have a child so I remember those thoughts and can identify with them. Good for you, though, for not waiting for those traditional dreams to come true to get out there and make something wonderful of your life. Rest assured that your ministry and devotion will not go unrewarded!


    • amabry says:

      Thanks so much Jennifer! Do you remember that singles retreat we worked on for FBC Gpt, think it was held at Gulf Shores. Anyway, the book you picked for us to lead through at the retreat has stuck with me all those years. I remember 2 things, first the idea of not carrying your baggage with you if you want to run the race well and the other was the image of David, appointed King by Samuel and then sent out to tend the sheep. I think those two principals have helped me navigate this whole eternally single journey. So you were instrumental in that!

  5. Pepper Smith says:


    Thanks for a lovely post. I think there is so much power in honest writing. God does the heavy lifting but we give him room to work.
    You’re not alone in wondering why life has not worked out the way we thought it would.
    Good luck with your new job.


    • amabry says:

      Pepper, I’m humbled that you even read my blog (and maybe a little embarrassed) since I am NO writer! You’re right though, I imagine everyone has something that didn’t turn out the way they thought. Thankfully some of those things turn out even better! I hope you are well!

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