Lack of reports to the contrary,there was a flood. News at 11 – oh, wait…

Does a tragedy happen if there are no national media video cameras, producers, on camera personalities there to capture it and package it for their television viewers?    Yes, it does.  And this doesn’t begin to tell the story.   Shame on you ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, and CNN and all the rest.

You have failed at your job miserably.  But no one will know will they?  That’s what you hope at least.

If you’re not a member of the national media and you actually want to help, here are some ways you can:

Hands on Nashville are coordinating volunteer efforts for the city.  There are also ways to donate if you are from out-of-town.

Here are some churches that are actively digging in and doing the dirty work.  They know where needs are.

Cross Point Church – in Nashville

Conduit Church – in Franklin/Williamson County

Buy a t-shirt and all proceeds after costs for shirt & shipping will go to local charities already engaged on the ground.  My dear friend and graphic designer thought of this and is putting it together with the help of great people.  They are still working out the logistics but you will know how much $$ will go to which charities before they ask you for $$ to buy the shirt.  I love this grass-roots effort to get the message out and get some support quicker than the big organizations can get it out.

Wear the shirt and show people you know there was a tragedy and you care that a lot of people were affected in significant ways whether or not the media chooses  to tell the story.

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