Warning Opinionated Rant: Banks and Bonuses

Personally held core political belief #1: the idea of government intervening in the pay structure of any industry makes me nauseous.

Personally held core belief #2: You take money from anyone, you throw open the door for that person to have a say in your business.

Personally held core political belief #3: I file most Politicians and big bankers under the category “how do you sleep at night”.

To the big banks I say . . .go ahead and pay your best and brightest to continue being the best and brightest. In theory, “the market” is supposed to give you a rude awakening  if you’ve systematically made choices that embrace too much risk in the pursuit of satisfying your insatiable greed and unmatched arrogance.

But the government ‘of the people’ stepped in and decided that your disgustingly corrupt system was too important to fail and rescued you from the horrible consequences you deserved. In my opinion, something along the lines of public humiliation and complete and utter financial ruin paired with a happy future up selling Apple Pies at McDonald’s would have been warranted for many of your best and brightest.

So, the continued practice of government overstepping withstanding, I could NOT care less about the government limiting your ill gotten gains to simply obscene rather than outrageously irresponsible. I don’t think there is a person on this planet who deserves to make what many of you seem to think you’re entitled to but that’s just me.

To the government I say… shame on you for handing out billions of our dollars to bad little boys and girls without meting out consequences and setting some new rules for the playground.  I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to discipline bad behaving children within a reasonable time frame of the bad behavior in order for them to understand what they did wrong. You can’t wait until they have gotten past the shame of getting caught and the fear of consequences and they are on the fast track to record profits to slap their wrists and say ‘don’t do that again’.  All this posturing is just meant to give you a response to your constituents on the campaign trail when they ask  how you had their back in this crisis.  Good luck finding people who will buy what you’re selling.

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