Hello. My name is Anne and I am a decorating addict.

Photographer: Pieter Estersohn  from ELLE DECOR magazine

Photographer: Pieter Estersohn from ELLE DECOR magazine

I have a problem that I am powerless to control.  I came to the realization today when I checked my mail to find my new copy of Elle Decor.  No woman my age should get so excited about a magazine.  I used to be thrilled to find my copy of Rolling Stones but now it’s House Beautiful or the occasional copy of Dwell or Southern Living.   And it doesn’t stop with magazines or even the endless stream of furniture catalogs.

Blogs like decor8, Bossy Color blog, Young House Love and absolutely beautiful things to name just a few of my faves are constant sources of inspiration or discontent depending on the week. Even the anti-design mogg blog is a weekly must visit site.

Don’t even get me started on HGTV and their decorating shows available 24/7 – thank God I don’t like all of the shows.

I am in the process of thinking about buying a house and I can already tell you the names of the paint colors I’d want to put in each room of the yet to be chosen home. Yes, the names of the Benjamin Moore brand paint not just  a muted gray or a greyish aqua but ‘gray cashmere’ and either ‘seacliff heights’ or ‘bali.’

I do have a problem.  I am a frustrated amateur decorator with no house to decorate since I’ve done all I’m gonna do to this apartment.    There is furniture out there that needs me.  Yes, this must be the year of the house.  I either need a house or an intervention.  Maybe I need both.

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4 Responses to Hello. My name is Anne and I am a decorating addict.

  1. Rachel says:

    LOL! I’m the same way, Anne. Decorating shows & mags quicken my pulse. I collect paint swatches every time I’m in Home Depot even though I’m not going to paint a room. Your next obsession will be realtracs.com where you sit for hours looking at houses – ones you can afford and those you can’t. I still browse it and I’m not moving for years. 🙂

    • amabry says:

      Rach B – Girl, I’ve been addicted to realtracs.com and trulia.com and zillow.com for 2 years just waiting for the time to be right – I think the time is coming in the next 6 months or sooner if I can help it. I’ve just been doing neighborhood homework and I wanted to know what you can get for what I want to spend. I’m close to ready!

  2. Next time you are in Porter Paint, check out the color Aqua Slate. It is the perfect combination of blue and gray and oh so calming. It’s my favorite color for any room. I have 3 rooms in my house painted that color. Let me know if you need a good realtor when you get close to buying. I can recommend a great one! 🙂

    • amabry says:

      Rachel L, I will call you to talk realtors. Email me your # (anne.mabry@comcast.net). Also, will check out that color. That’s exactly why I like that soft aqua, it’s just calming!

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