Kickin off the List . . . first up . . .

25.  Do something spontaneous to help out a total stranger,   28.  Read the Bible first thing in the morning for 21 consecutive days,  62.  Walk 3 miles a day w/ Barlcay for 21 consecutive days,  65.  Lose 50 lbs.

Today is my birthday.  41 years old.  A little bit of a bitter pill to swallow so I guess my sore throat is perfectly appropriate.  I committed to start tackling the list today.  And already I don’t want to do it!  I’m on the front side of a sinus infection so I woke up with a splitting headache in addition to the sore throat.  I didn’t even think about reading the Bible until a minute ago.  So much for the seeking God in the morning since it’s 11:30am!   I can’t start counting that one until tomorrow but the good news is, God speaks through The Word any time of day! 

As fun as it was to make the list, it was a little imtimidating looking at the final published list and figuring out where to start!  So, I figured I’d start with some bigger impact yet easy to do items like the walking, the diet and the Bible reading.  That’s more about my committment so I figure I should start there. 

I will do the walkin’ with Barclay later this afternoon.  The antihistamine has kicked in so I should be good.  I haven’t mapped out my route for exactly 3 miles yet but I have a good idea of what is close.  

As for losing the 50 lbs.  Obvously, this one line is going to take a lot of different behaviors not just one thing one time.  So, I figure I will start one thing and then build on that.  The sad truth is, I’ve done this so many times I know how to do it.  I estimate that I’ve lost 250 or more pounds in my adult life.    It’s the keeping it off that I have never mastered.  But it begins with losing it so, I joined weight watchers online and will read over the rules so I can do my grocery shopping tomorrow to help me follow the rules.   Thankfully the points don’t require advanced math to count so that will be the easy part!  Just the willpower & consistent follow through are required . . . two of my weaknesses.

I’m participating in for charity:water for my doing something spontaneous to help out a total stranger. . .   As you’ve read, i want to raise $$ to build a well in Ethiopia.  The $ raised by the september birthday participants is being matched by corporate donations so $1 = $2.  Every little bit can help, so I’d love it if you would consider making a donation.  The goal of the whole campaign is to build 333 wells.  There will be a live drill start on 9/7 and you can watch it on the website.  You can also find out about the school they are building the well for.  One of the cool things about this project is they will tag each well in google earth via gps so you can actually see the well online once it’s done.

Fun stuff is also on the horizon . . . birthday slumber party w/ Gregory Peck film festival, test driving a luxury car (I need to decide which one I want to drive!), fall trip to Fall Creek Falls has been discussed when the leaves change.  Every journey begins with a step or something like that . . . . so here goes my first step.

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