101 in 1001 is up. June 1, 2011 here I come!

The 101 in 1001 list is posted. I gave it it’s own page on the blog so it’s right in my face and I hopefully can’t ignore it!  Click on the link above to read it.  

Thanks for all the emails, conversations and comments that gave me great inspiration.  This has been such an interesting exercise already!  It’s really made me think through so many different areas of my life and dreams for the future even.  You know, really envision the person I want to be. 

Now, when you see the list, you will see silly, random, frivilous, vain, serious and ambitious items.  It’s kind of all over the map.  I tried to focus on things I needed to accomplish but then also those things you always say you’re gonna do but never get around to doing like living in Nashville for almost 15 years and NEVER going to the Grand Ole Opry. 

You’ll also notice that this list is full of things that should not be done by one person alone!  I wrote many of these down thinking about people who might want to join me in some of these adventures so as you look it over, if you think I have to go with her to The Longest Yard Sale . . . you just hollar!  At the very least, I will need some people to laugh at me or with me as I attempt some of this! 

I will post about things as they get done so check back with me.  A lot of this is about me asking for accountability and pursuing transparency because I know I will get distracted or discouraged through this process.  I am not naturally a strong finisher and this is practically long term goal setting for me!

I’m officially starting on my birthday and one of the first things I hope to scratch off is #25 “Do something spontaneous to help out a total stranger”.   I am asking for your help to do it because it’s bigger than I can do myself.  As you may already know from my previous post, I am participating in charity:water’s borninseptember.org campaign to raise money to build water wells!  Check out my page and watch some of the videos to see why clean water is so important and what the lack of access to clean water means to 1.1 Billion people on the planet today.  I hope you are inspired to participate because a mere $20 could change someones life.  The $$ raised by individuals is being matched by corporations so even a little will go along way!

I think the lead off song for my soundtrack on this adventure is “Many the Miles”  by Sara Bareilles. I just love this album and her music but this song has stayed with me over the weeks as I’ve thought about this self imposed challenge. It’s as if she gets my feeling over the last years that life is so often happening around me while I’m bogged down or focused on achieving other people’s goals.  When she write “There’s too many things I haven’t done yet, too many sunsets I haven’t seen, can’t waste the day wishing it’d slow down, you would’ve thought by now, I’d learned something.” I feel like I could’ve written that, assuming I had any talent for songwriting.  By the the end of the song, I’m always wailing (singing not crying) along with her on part “surely something has got to give cause I can’t keep waiting to live.”  

I know we all have “must do lists” for our jobs, families, school or whatever but for me this challenge is about working to make sure I ALSO get to see some new sunsets of my own.  While I accomplish the things on this list, I’ll still have to stay focused on building my business, serving my clients well, being a daughter, sister, aunt and friend, church member, Bible Study teacher, pet owner and neighbor. These 101 things will have to fit in and around my everyday life with the hope being that it’ll bring something more to the every day than I would’ve experienced by just focusing on the regular to do list.

I’m not really sure what I expect to find from this process.  Some of the items on the list matter in the way that they will help me accomplish some goals but most of them could easily be replaced by any number of actions.  I think the bigger lessons I that learn will be discovered through the process.  I hope that I learn new things about me, maybe conquer some fears, confront some insecurities and challenge some perceptions but really, I just hope to learn how to make the days that I have been given count for what matters.


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