I need your help to kick off my birthday

My 41st birthday is fast approaching.  And I’m doing some thinking about what the next year should look like.    I stumbled across this idea on a blog and thought it sounded like something I should do.  I’m sure many of you have already heard of this and similar ideas.  At any rate it’s called 101 in 1001. 

Basically, you create a list of 101 actions that you set out to complete in 1001 days.  You can find out more HERE.   The idea is that they are both realistic and stretch goals.  I have about 75 I’ve already come up with and I’m still thinking but I thought I’d ask anyone if they have suggestions for me.  I want to start the 1001 days on my birthday.   I’ve already got a lot of books to read, pounds to lose, places to go, financial goals,etc. but I’d love your ideas!  Feel free to give me a challenge or a completely out of character suggestion!  Just keep it PG13 please and somewhat reasonable – I can’t learn Greek in 1001 days, pretty sure!

I will post my list on a seperate page on my blog and then I will blog about them as I accomplish or attempt and fail or just flat out chicken out!  I invite you to help keep me accountable to it or even better . . .  anyone want to make their own 101 list and join me starting September 3?

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4 Responses to I need your help to kick off my birthday

  1. amabry says:

    I’m definitely gonna consider the sky diving recommendation. I’m a little terrified of heights. But maybe that’s the point! Plus driving a taxi cab scares me even more! Thanks for the ideas Bethany.

    Rachel, these are some good ones too. Definitely gonna take some of these as well. I thought about putting a race down but I don’t even think I could run a mile if someone was chasing me with a gun! But maybe you gotta start somewhere.

    My friend Melissa suggested I add: go on a blind date or internet dating (yikes) and sing in a jazz club. Those would definitely fall under your do something that embarasses you category!

  2. rachbeav says:

    Wow! Good for you and sounds like fun & a challenge. May just do it too. Here are some ideas:

    Get a coloring book & Crayons and learn to be a kid again…maybe even scribble outside the lines for fun.

    Run a race – one where you get to where a paper number on your chest and cross a finish line.

    Write letters, send postcards – anything that requires you to hold a pen and create without editing.

    Wear a name tag in public places and see how many people call you by name.

    Edit your closet to 10 items

    Wear the same pair of shoes for a year – 1 casual, 1 dressy, etc…but very limited

    Start your own fashion statement – hats, scarves, barrettes…something that makes people look at you differently

    Break a bad habit

    Cancel magazine subscriptions and use the money for something good


    Read a series of books

    Grow your own herbs or vegetables

    Go vegetarian for 30 days

    Purge anything you don’t need for survival

    Do something that embarrasses you, something that makes you laugh out loud, something you can be proud of and something that scares the snot out of you but you lived to tell about it. Can’t wait to hear how it goes…look out Sept. 3, here she comes!!

  3. bsimpsonla says:

    This is a little cliche, but I just went skydiving for the first time a couple weeks ago. A must for your list. You don’t fall, you float. You hang on the air. Don’t worry–the tandem pro takes care of all the details.

    Deep sea fishing. Really fun.

    Go to the Hollywood Bowl.

    Crochet a scarf. Then wear it. (cute chunky gray yarn…)

    Spend a couple hours trying to wind surf. You’ll probably find yourself standing up holding the sail for about 3 seconds the entire time you’re out — but you’ll feel amazing that 3 seconds. 🙂

    Make cookies and give them to your neighbors. Simple, but great.

    Audition to sing the national anthem at a pro game.

    Watch the movie “Babette’s Feast” (English or original with subtitles). Wonderful.

    Eat a hotdog in Central Park. (duh, and I’m sure you’ve done this already) 🙂

    Wear orange.

    Find a way to drive a taxi.

    Eat five new flavors of chocolate. (not everything on the list should be hard. some things should be pure yum)

    Yay Anne, fun idea. : )

  4. catielady says:

    Hey there friend. . .so I actually did this in January of 2006 – 1001 days is roughly 3 years, so I’m in the tail end of the challenge. This has been AMAZING. I’ve had at least 15 friends start a list of their own. As I come upon the last 6 months of this journey I’ve considered starting again – thinking about what should be on my list. Although I’m not sure if I will do it again, I have to say the last few years have been great! I’m sure my list is on my Facebook Notes, I haven’t updated it here in a few months, maybe I’ll do that this evening.

    Go for it!!!!! You’re going to love it.

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